October 2, 2014

glimpses of grief, depression, and the severe mercy of God

I am joining the blog world in writing for thirty one days this month (October, 2014).

It has been a while since I have chosen to write on a public forum about my journey with grief, depression and bipolar disorder. It's hard to open up those deep feelings on a regular basis. It's even harder to stop myself in the midst of a busy day to ponder the questions that ache so deep within...

If you have friends who struggle with depression, or if you personally have battled depression, I hope this blog is a place of solace, a place where you can relate to, learn from, and cry with me.

There aren't easy answers, but sometimes the greatest comfort in the long journey of grief and depression is knowing that you are not alone.

1: loving (and not loving) your babies

2: in sickness, health and suicidal depression
3: just like her momma

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