September 29, 2012

the nursery

Well, it was a long process, but my amazing husband didn't give up, and the nursery is finally ready to go! I wish we had some good before pics - to summarize, it looked like a prison cell! :) Stone walls, concrete floor, cobwebby ceiling, pipes and vents exposed in the ceiling... it's a good feeling to have this finished! Our house when we moved in had a half-finished basement, so we moved our bedroom down into the large finished room and just lived with the unfinished part. It's amazing how refreshing it is to have it be so clean and ready for a baby!! Good work Jeremy!!

September 12, 2012

catching up...

Here are a couple of pictures I have managed to coerce people into taking of me. It's hard to take maternity pictures. Harder than I thought they would be. It's just so awkward. What do you do with your hands? Do you hold the belly? Do you put your (huge) arms at your side? What angle is the best angle to eliminate as many chins and rolls as possible? It's an endless combination of awkward pictures...but we managed to get one good(ish) picture at a wedding back in August...I would have been just hitting 7 months when this first picture was taken!

And then this picture was taken right before my Lincoln baby shower, which was right after I hit the big 3-2!

I normally would have posted a picture of me currently, at 37 weeks (tomorrow!), however that would mean permanent (VISUAL) documentation of this special time in know, that time when you get ready and put on makeup and look at yourself and think "Oh yeah, I look gooooooood!" but really you just look "good" in comparison to what you looked like before you put on makeup, which was "really not good..." and then you get out into the real world full of non bloated/pregnant women, and suddenly you understand why people have been staring at you. It's not because you're beautiful and radiant. It's because they're trying to decide why your face is so huge. :)

I'm joking of course. I know that I'm still gorgeous. Why, just this morning, I was shoving myself into a pair of underwear in an amazing feat of balance and grace.  As I hoisted my legs up, squishing my huge belly into my rib cage to force myself into my undergarments, I thought "wow, this really is the epitome of beauty." And then, looking up at my husband as he choked back laughter (yes, he was watching me like we watch the monkeys attempt to do "normal human things" at the zoo) I saw it in his eyes as well. This really is a beautiful time.

 Hahah, okay, I'm done. Anyways, I'm super happy to have made it to 37 weeks. We're getting down to business now, and Elliot is starting to head-butt her way down toward the place where all of our dreams will come true, which is exciting (read-painful and awkward).

 At 37 weeks, she:

 -has perfected the art of kicking my ribs just soft enough to not break them, but definitely hard enough to give me the guilt-inducing experience of trying not to swear at my unborn child.

 -gets hiccups all the time. So cute (again, read- awkward...I can feel the little vibrations in all of the wrong places!) -has a "beautiful" heartbeat, according to all of the nurses. My little overachiever! I can't wait to see her ACT scores someday!!

 -Alternates between days where she never moves, sending me into a panic-induced phone call to the midwife and trips to the hospital to make sure she's still alive, where she (of course, just like a Knott) begins to kick and show off her "beautiful heartrates" as soon as she's hooked up to the monitor... and days where she makes up for the lack of kicks and movement by tricking me into thinking she has flipped to a breech position.

We are getting carpet installed in the nursery TODAY, and hopefully things will be ready and waiting by the weekend! And then we can start sending our "baby, come out!" thoughts to her and wait for the fireworks to begin!